Johan A Lybeck


Finanskonsult AB was founded in 1987 by Professor Johan A Lybeck.

Finanskonsult AB has 15 years of experience working with financial institutions as well as with Treasury departments of corporates and local authorities.

Finanskonsult AB specializes in:

· Following and forecasting the economic development in the major economies in the world as well as Sweden. We are among the contributors to the forecasts in the monthly publication Consensus Forecasts from Consensus Economics, London;

· Explaining and forecasting the interaction between real and financial variables such as equity prices, interest rates and exchange rates;

· Risk management with special focus on market and liquidity risks, incl VAR models;

· Capital adequacy questions and models, with presently special emphasis on the consequences (micro and macro) of Basel II;

· Clearing and settlement issues för clearing organizations, CSD´s as well as their customers.

Johan Lybeck has a PhD degree in Economics (Univ. of Michigan) as well as in Political Science (Univ. of Gothenburg). He has been, inter alia, chaired Professor of Economics (Univ. of Gothenburg) as well as Professor of Financial Economics (Univ. of Stockholm). Among his other CV items can be mentioned Senior Vice President of SwedBank Treasury division, President and CEO of SwedeSettle, Stockholm (a subsidiary of the PostGiro), and Chief Economist of Matteus Bank.




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